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I was surprised no one posted or said anything about this so I guess I’ll be the one to say this and explain.

So in the third season of Pretty Little Liars (episode 3) Mona is laying on the bed singing a song by herself and she was holding a queen of hearts card. A Q/K/J card has two pictures of the queen that are identical opposite each other so they’re kind of like twins.

In season 2, episode 13 (the Halloween episode), in the beginning, Alison tells a story of how two sisters that are identical twins were playing will DOLLS and one twin kills the other.

How does these two episodes add up?

Well, in the book apparently, Alison is alive and her twin sister was the one that was dead. The queen of hearts (two identical queens on the card) and the story of the two blonde sisters shows that Alison killed her sister and she’s probably still alive. And while Alison told the story she said

“She took the knife high into the air and lunged it DEEP into her sister’s chest.”

Queen of Hearts….hearts. And where is your heart located? Under your chest.

BONUS: In the most recent episode, we were shown that Mona and Hanna were playing a game and Mona asked “What happened to Alison DiLaurentis” and the spirit replied with “A-L-I-V-E”.

Kudos to me :)

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